paul-bakingThe Farm Produce project started in 1995. Adult students with learning disabilities learn the skills necessary to process and make a range of farm produce including jams and pickles, baking and bread making and felt making with wool from our own sheep. Students can also learn beekeeping to produce honey and beeswax for candles and batik. Students choose their own work, planning processing projects that they are interested in and deciding whether to sell produce to the public or take it home.  For more information, please contact Tracey by email The farm produce project runs on Wednesday and Thursday.

Students attend one or more of the projects for one or two days a week from 10am to 3pm. The projects run for 40 weeks a year, Monday to Thursday. We aim to provide training for people with a wide range of support needs. Trainees choose their own course of learning from the options available, and review progress regularly with their trainer. A maximum of four people attend each project each day. There is an initial 4-week trial period for a student to decide if they would like a place and for the trainer to decide if a place can be offered. People usually attend for a period of about 3 years, although the actual length of time is agreed with each person and can be reviewed. Places are funded by service level agreements and individual contracts authorised by Social Services.

For each project there is one full time trainer. In addition volunteers are recruited specifically to support people attending the projects. There is usually at least one volunteer each day working with each project.

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