Get Farming Club

The Get Farming Club offers an excellent opportunity for children aged 8-10 to explore in an interactive, hands on way themes of animal care, food growing, environmental conservation, healthy cooking and rural crafts.

Sessions are child-led, creating a space for young people to work alone or in a group in developing their problem solving skills, social development and collaboration skills. Children are encouraged to immerse themselves in outdoor experiences: in growing their own food and learning to cook with it, gaining bushcraft and survival skills, understanding how to care for the Farm animals and protecting the local environment and wildlife. Club members are encouraged to share their ideas, listen to others and respond to problems in a creative and imaginative way.

Children’s newly acquired skills and knowledge are rewarded with AQA unit certificates for them to take home. 

My son has gained so much from the Get Farming Club… his thirst for knowledge and experience can sometimes outweigh what I can offer as a working mum of 2 living in central London with a small square of artificial grass to call a garden. He comes home filthy, with flushed cheeks, chatty and positive

The Get Farming Club is an utterly brilliant activity helping urban children connect with animals and learn about nature

Spending time at the Get Farming Club means my daughter can spend time outside in the fresh air every week whatever the season doing the things she loves; caring for the animals, growing produce and looking after the allotment

My partner and I have complete trust in the staff of the club. They genuinely care about the children and plan a range of engaging activities for them… they strike the right balance of keeping the kids safe and sensible but also letting them explore and run around

My daughter has learnt a lot about harvesting and growing crops. She has tried and tasted lots of new things that she normally wouldn’t try!

The Get Farming Club makes it possible for children to have the opportunity for a fun educational place to learn and thrive

Get Farming Club is currently full and we are not holding a waiting list. Please don’t email our Youth Team as they have very limited admin time and won’t be able to get back to your enquiry. Please check back here in a couple of months to see if we’re taking new members. 

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