Our flock of sheep include large Oxford Down ewes and smaller Southdown ewes. We also have an Oxford Down ram, his name is Saxon, who is currently in his own pen.

We were delighted to welcome our first twin lambs on Friday 9th February, with the rest of the ewes giving birth shortly after. The lambs are very entertaining to watch and love skipping and jumping about!

We keep in touch with larger farms and if they have orphan lambs, or a smaller triplet that isn’t feeding too well, we’ll take on these lambs so that our visitors can bottle feed them here. We don’t take our own lambs off their mums, unless there are complications, as this is the most natural and best option for the lambs. This year we took on six orphan lambs from a farm in Suffolk and are offering visitors the chance to bottle-feed them, this is a very popular event so make sure you book in advance here.


Our sheep are dual-purpose breeds, producing good meat and wool. All the sheep are shorn at our Spring Fair, where visitors can come and watch. We also welcome spinners and weavers to this event to process the wool. This year our Spring Fair will be held on Saturday 12th May 2018 running from 11am to 4pm.

Oxford Down: these have dark faces, and are large with a rectangular body shape. When they are shorn, it is customary for this breed to have a ‘top-knot’ of wool left on their head. They are a rare breed, originally from Oxfordshire, and the largest and fastest-growing sheep of all British breeds, ideal for meat.

Southdown: As the name suggests this breed originates from the native sheep which have roamed the South Downs in the South of England for many hundreds of years. They are a white-faced, white-legged sheep with a tight fleece, known for their docile nature.


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