Here at Surrey Docks Farm we pride ourselves in the way we raise our livestock. All our animals are farmed to free range standards and given the best possible welfare.

From the smallest honeybee to the largest cow, as a working farm on a tight budget it is imperative that all animals contribute to their keep. We sell our quality farm produce on-site all year round. Pop into the farm shop to see what seasonal produce is for sale this week!


Find out more about our livestock via the links below:

Goats – We have a small herd of nanny goats that live in our open yard. We have two different breeds of goat in our herd: Toggenburgs, and Anglo Nubians. Visitors are welcome to go in to our open yard and say hello to our goats. Please be calm and quiet around our goats as they are due to kid in April.

Sheep – Our flock of sheep are all Oxford Down ewes. The ewes give birth in the Spring with lambs reared here throughout the year.

Pigs – Our three ginger spotty adult pigs are all rare breed Oxford Sandy & Blacks. The two sows are called Winnie and Marmalade and our boar is called Rupert. The pigs breed seasonally and we often have young piglets that are then reared for meat which we sell in our farm shop.

Cows – We have two young male calves at the Farm. They are an Aberdeen Angus cross breed born in August 2019 at another farm. There names are Bourbon and Jaffa.

Donkeys & Pony – We have two donkeys on the Farm, Alice and Hermione, as well as our Miniature Shetland Pony called Keira. The donkeys and pony give children rides on Saturday afternoons and Keira is often the star of our mobile farm events!

Poultry – We have all the usual farm birds on our site, including a flock of free-range chickens and ducks that lay eggs for us to sell in our farm shop, plus geese and turkeys.

Small Animals – Our rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets are very popular. They take part in animal handling sessions in the holidays and are the perfect travel size to go on our outreach sessions to local community groups. We also have two farm cats on site!

Bees – The farm has it’s own apiary which is set-up in the farm orchard, along with an excellent bee shed which we use for beekeeping courses, beginners tasting sessions and the general running of an apiary

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