Surrey Docks Farm Response to Covid-19

(Updated 17th March)

Surrey Docks Farm is carefully monitoring the coronavirus outbreak and is following government public health advice to limit the spread of the virus. 

We’ve been reviewing the situation on a daily basis and following advice we’ve taken on more steps to help reduce the spread of the virus, including closing the Farm to visitors until the end of March. We’ve also closed our youth clubs and student training projects for the next two weeks and will review the situation at the end of the month.

Our priorities at this time are ensuring the health and wellbeing of our staff and volunteers, maintaining animal care standards and planning new ways to connect with our participants – whose projects can no longer take place at the Farm for their safety. We also have serious financial concerns to address, our costs continue but income is drastically effected so we’ll need to look at new ways to sustain the Farm through this.

Thank you for all your comments of support on social media and via email. We will get back to you as soon as we can and are thinking of you all. If you’d like to support us we’ll be adding more ways in the coming days, so do come back to this webpage.

What is the Farm doing?

  • We’ve closed to the public to reduce the amount of people and potential to carry the virus into the Farm
  • We’re disinfecting our high contact areas e.g. door handles, backs of chairs and tables
  • We’re calling those people unable to come in and aiming to keep in touch regularly
  • We’ll do our best to keep photos updated on our social media site as Spring finally arrives and all our new animals are born
  • We’ve offered those who have booked parties in our beautiful river room the chance to postpone up to a year ahead


How can you help?

If you’d like to support the Farm through this concerning time you can cheer up those working at the Farm by:

  • Sending a donation –  to help us through a difficult financial time
  • Ordering a gift from our wishlist –  we have items from new brushes, to heat lamps for our new lambs/goat kids, to seed for the wild birds.
  • Keep in touch via our social media sites or send some snail mail – messages of support are always welcome! We might be slow responding as we’re prioritising the animals but we’ll get back to you when we can. 


How can I get in touch?

We are not able to monitor the Farm phone properly at present, as everyone at the Farm is working outside and admin team are at home ready to rotate in to cover livestock teams when needed. Email is the best form of contact and you can contact our manager Gemma on: but bare with us as we’re getting lots of enquiries at present and are doing our best to keep on top of things!

Volunteers and Work Experience Guidance
We still need to keep the Farm running – to care for the animals and ensure the plants are watered and tended so that we have a thriving site when we can welcome everyone back!
Conditions for Volunteering
We are still welcoming regular volunteers and work experience students for their normal shifts at present, but in order to protect our community and ensure we have a healthy team to do this work; we ask volunteers to keep up to date with current government informatiohere and to adhere to these four steps:

1. Please stay away if you or anyone in your household exhibits any of the Covid-19 symptoms (cough and high temperature)
2. Please stay away if you are in a more vulnerable group
3. Please stay away if you are a volunteer that would have to travel on public transport to get here
4. Those who are able to come will be asked to wash their hands thoroughly on arrival and to adhere to any H&S guidelines from staff

Limiting travel on public transport
In line with government advice we need to limit the use of public transport. Starting on Friday 20th March we’re asking volunteers not to come in via public transport – for many of you this will mean you can’t come to the Farm. I’m sorry for any disappointment but we’ll be here and will need your help when all this has passed! We are trying to post on social media regularly and will keep in touch with you as best we can.

Getting into the Farm
We have locked the gates to limit the number of people coming in and we’ve set up a temporary mobile phone to act as a gate buzzer. Please call 07309730531 to be let in through the Rotherhithe Street entrance. This phone can then be carried by whoever is on duty. Please don’t call it for any other reason as we only have a small team here and we need to get on with the animal care work.

Keeping in touch
We are prioritising the animal care and aren’t manning the main Farm phone. If you need to get in touch please email and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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