Donkeys & Pony

Miniature Shetland Pony

Our small dark pony is Kiera, a Miniature Shetland Pony. A pony is basically a small breed of horse, but very strong in relation to its size. Shetland ponies are incredibly hardy, being native to the cold harsh environment of Scotland’s Shetland Isles.

Shetland ponies need to be handled well to bring out their gentle and good-tempered side, otherwise they can easily become irritable and uncooperative. They’re known for their cheeky characters and our Kiera definitely lives up to this!

Because of their strength and hardiness. Shetland Ponies have been used as working and pack animals and in the past they worked in coal mines as ‘pit ponies’. Our pony doesn’t have to carry goods on her back but she does occasionally offer visiting children pony rides! Kiera also travels to schools to meet students as part of our Mobile Farm project.


We made the difficult decision to retire our two lovely donkeys. In November 2021 they moved to a lovely new home in the countryside with the help of the Donkey Sanctuary. This wasn’t an easy thing to do as we love our girls and they’ve lived here many years, however Alice is nearly 30 years old and has had a few health issues over the past year and we wanted to make sure she could enjoy her elderly years in a quiet home with her best friend Hermione.

With the help of the Donkey Sanctuary we have found a fantastic new home for our girls, with lots of field space, other donkeys to meet over the fence and an expert donkey handler to care for them. The best thing for us is they’re not too far away in the Essex countryside, so we can still visit them.

Donkeys have always been a part of the Farm. We are excited to be on the Donkey Sanctuary waiting list and are ready and waiting to take on two new resident donkeys. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear any news about when our new donkeys have been found and can join us!

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