Farm Shop

Our farm shop is open every day from 10am-1pm and 2pm-4pm. Here you can buy our bags of animal feed which cost £1 each and can be fed to our goats and sheep. We also have a range of gift ideas from toys to knitted blankets, as well as a wide range of jams and chutneys plus our own farm produce.

(NB. The shop is run by a team of dedicated and reliable volunteers and occasionally when volunteers are off we struggle to find cover and may have to close at short notice)


Seasonal Vegetables
Our Plot to Shop project engages a fantastic team of adult students with learning disabilities to grow fruit and vegetables to sell in our shop. The students grow everything we sell from seed in our peat-free compost and they are involved in the whole process of harvesting, bagging, weighing and pricing. When we have a surplus of fruits we make this into jams and chutneys with our Farm Produce students, the students take one jar home each and are proud to sell the rest at our three annual fairs.

Farm-reared meat
As a working farm educating local people about where their food comes from, we are proud to rear our livestock to high-welfare standard to produce quality meat cuts. Currently we are well-stocked with pork sausages, pork chops and a selection of goat and lamb cuts. The meat is butchered off site by experts and we sell it back here frozen.

Free-range eggs
We collect our own free-range chicken and duck eggs and add online for sale the next day, we also occasionally have eggs from the geese. Please note we’re not a commercial farm, we let our flock naturally slow down their egg laying in winter, as such the number of eggs collected will vary from day-to-day and season-to-season and on some days we might not get any eggs. To provide a regular egg supply for our local community, we also stock organic chicken eggs from Barradale farms in Kent.

We also sell a range of plants we’ve grown from seed here on the Farm. This includes herbs, bedding plants and vegetable plants but our stock will depend on the season!

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