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We are pleased to continue supporting local food growers with our bags of well-rotted manure, seeds, fruit and vegetable plants!

To limit any contact and allow for social distancing, we ask for payments to be made in advance online. The produce listed below will then be made available for collection on Sundays from 11am-11:20am at our Rotherhithe Street gate. 

We offer a range of small herbs in 9cm square pots that include Lavender, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and more.

Our bags of rotted manure are approx 20-25 litres and weight varies depending on the moisture content. We reuse plastic feed bags and tie up, but we’d recommend lining your car/bag for transporting just in case of leaks! Please note the manure contains a mix of all the animals waste and straw that has rotted in our muck heaps for six months, however the straw often takes longer to rot down. It’s fine to dig the straw and rotted manure into your growing beds, it will continue to rot and is all full of nutrients for growing.

Our potting compost is made on site and is great for seed sowing and potting on. We heat treat our compost to 75 degrees for half an hour which kills the majority of the weed seeds so that we can use if for seed sowing. We then add rotted bark etc to the treated compost. As such the compost we sell is ‘treated live compost’. Bags are approx 12 litres and weigh around 8 kilos. We reuse paper feed bags and line with bin bags so there should be minimal spillage!

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