Help Build Our Bunnies Home!

Surrey Docks Farm cares for two rabbits and two guinea pigs. They currently live in hutches inside a barn and come out into their runs to graze and hop about on sunny days. The small animals are very popular with our visitors, but are often hidden away inside the barn out of sight.


We have designed a new shed with the following benefits:

  • The shed will be boarded to waist height to provide the animals with shelter from the wind, but we’re including low windows so that our little visitors can still see inside
  • The roof will project further out than the shed, so that our visitors can shelter from any rain whilst peeping inside
  • The floor space will give our animals plenty of room to scamper and hop about, particularly important when it’s too wet or cold for them to be out on the grass
  • The shed will be 6 ft high at it’s lowest point so our bunnies can stretch up… and our volunteers don’t have to bend down!
  • The shed will be on a concrete base which prevents rodents digging in from underneath to steal food and potentially spread infection
  • The space will enable those in our community projects, such as Cow Pat and the Young Farmers, to build additional enrichment features; such as log-round steps for the bunnies to hop up; tubes and tunnels for the guinea pigs to run through and we’ll also bring back the ‘veggie washing line’ to encourage the animals to stretch and reach for their snacks

The shed will be located next to the yard at the bottom of the steps by the farm shop. We’ve started laying a brick base but now need your help to raise the final funds needed to complete this project.

The new housing will cost the Farm £3,500 for the materials and labour. We have £2,500 in place thanks to the Worshipful Company of Farmers and now have a target of £1,000 to raise to finish the work. If you would like to contribute to help us build the new home, please donate below.

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