As a city farm we produce lots of animal waste which goes onto our muck heap. This animal waste and straw bedding then rots down for about a year, where it is turned into wonderful well-rotted manure which is perfect for adding fertility to your garden.

This manure is available for you to use in your gardens, balconies and allotments, as well as for community projects and more. There are two options for purchasing our manure: firstly we sell small bags onsite that can be collected and secondly we fill large ton bags and arrange delivery to local community gardens and allotments. Read on for details!


Small bags of Manure for Collection

We sell small bags via our farm shop, which is open Monday – Sunday from 10am-1pm and 2pm-4pm. If you’re after more than one bag, please do get in touch in advance via the form below, so we can ensure enough is bagged up ready for you.

What animals is the manure from?
Our manure comes from all the animals, including goats, sheep, cows, pigs, donkeys, pony, small animals and poultry. It will include straw and sometimes wood shavings from their bedding, as well as the animal waste. We do not use any pesticides or fertilisers here at the Farm. 
Is it well-rotted?
Yes! All our manure is well-rotted and ready for use in your garden or allotment. The straw content takes longer to rot down so you will still see this in the bags, but it’s ready to use straight away and works well as a natural fertiliser dug into your soil or as a mulch on top.
How big are the bags?
We fill repurposed feed sacks with 15-20 litres of manure, depending on moisture content.
How much does it cost?
We charge £3.00 per bag, which is payable by cash or card in the farm shop
Can we park to collect? 
There isn’t parking at the Farm and the roads outside are now charged parking on weekdays. However, you can pull up in front of the Farm gate on Rotherhithe Street to load bags or park for free on weekends.


Manure Collection


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Deliveries of Ton bags of Manure

If you are based in Southwark or Lewisham you can access our manure for your community garden, organisation or allotment. This involves us working with a local haulier company who come with an eight wheel grab lorry to collect the manure and deliver it. The company can do a maximum of two deliveries at a time, which means to make the trips viable we need to drop off a minimum of six ton bags per location. The lorry can take sixteen ton bags per delivery. Our ton bags of manure are priced at £38 per bag.

If you can take a minimum of six ton bags and your site has access for a large vehicle to drop off, please email: and she’ll add your details to our waiting list. 

Please be aware someone will need to be onsite to meet the driver when they deliver the bags. We are a small staff team who rely on the help of many of our volunteers to get the manure ready to go out to the community so you will need to be flexible on delivery dates.

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