Surrey Docks Farm is seeking volunteers for its Management Committee!


We’re looking for local people who are interested in being on the board of a highly valued Southwark community organisation and have the skills to support the Farm at a strategic level.

We are interested to hear from people that can help us develop the below priority areas in order to complement our existing committee members experience:

  • Local people (SE16, SE8, SE1)
  • Parents/Schools connection
  • Financial background
  • Agricultural background
  • Previous trustee experience

We are committed to recruit in line with our equality, diversity and inclusion policy (available to view here)


Brief of the Committee

The Management Committee is responsible for effective governance, ensuring the Farm has a clear sense of purpose and direction, has adequate resources and uses them to achieve its objectives, and is properly and legally managed.
Committee members carry out the role on a voluntary basis and therefore are not paid for their time.
The Farm’s Rules require the Committee Members to elect a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary from amongst their number. The rest of the Committee are general members.
The Committee needs to have a mix of expertise in the following areas to ensure successful governance:
  • Finance
  • HR & Safeguarding
  • Legal
  • Farming
  • Local Knowledge

It’s also beneficial to have interest and knowledge in a mixture of the following areas: volunteering, fundraising, equality and diversity, outreach, marketing, health and safety, maintenance, animal care, food growing, community cooking.

The current committee members are here.


Expectation of time commitment

  • All Committee members are expected to take an active interest in the Farm, attend Committee meetings regularly, and respond to emails etc. between meetings.
  • The Committee typically meets ten times a year, with two meetings per quarter one focusing on finance and one focusing on other business. Meetings are usually for 1-2 hours from 7pm on a weekday evening online via Zoom. Dates are flexible and agreed in advance.

Application Process

To apply please complete our short application form at the bottom of this webpage.


  • The application process will be open until 5pm on Thursday 29th February.
  • We will contact those of you who we will shortlist and invite to the farm for an informal tour with another management committee member and a member of staff.
  • DBS and reference checks will take place with your permission
  • You will be able to shadow a Management Committee meeting
  • You will have 121’s (in person or on the phone/online) with other management committee members
  • Successful candidates will then be co-opted onto the Management Committee


We look forward to receiving your application!

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