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At Surrey Docks Farm, we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our visitors to our website. In particular, we want you to know that Surrey Docks Farm is not in the business of selling, trading, or renting email lists with other companies, organisations and businesses for marketing purposes. We wouldn’t want that done with our data and we certainly don’t do it with yours! In this Privacy Policy, we’ve provided lots of detailed information on when and why we collect your personal information, how we use it, the limited conditions under which we may disclose it to others and how we keep it secure.

About us
Surrey Docks Farm is an interactive, free to enter educational farm. For over 30 years, we’ve promoted sustainable farming practices, as well as championing healthy living while serving both the local and wider communities.

Our physical address is:
Surrey Docks Farm
Rotherhithe Street
Se16 5ET

Your Information – What we collect, Why we collect it, and Who we share it with.

Let’s start by saying we aim to be transparent about what data we capture and how we use it. We will only process (use) your personal information if we have:
• asked you and have a record of your express consent for us to do so,
• have a ‘Legitimate Interest’ (see more on legitimate interest underneath) to do so in order to support our charitable purposes. Our use will be fair and balanced and never unduly have an impact on your rights,
• a contract with you that we can only fulfil by using your personal information, e.g. to send you an item that you have requested,
• legal obligation to use or disclose information about you, e.g. we are required by law to keep records of gifts that are given to us with Gift Aid for 4 years.

What we collect:
Surrey Docks Farm collects information from the public in a number of different ways.

• Our Website.

o An example of this would be when you make a purchase or express an interest in our services on our website. Information such as name, address, email address, telephone number, date of birth, gender and other personal information.

• In person.

o When you volunteer with us or frequent some farm activities we will ask you for certain information about yourself. This could include your address, age, ethnicity and other personal information.

• In photo format.

o We frequently take photos of activities on the farm. This often includes people on the farm, volunteers, people making use of one of our farm clubs and general use of the farm.

Why we collect data:

The majority of the data the farm collects is for funding and reporting purposes. We will never give out personally identifiable information.

We collect data to ensure we are able to deliver a service to our users. These services cover a wide range and may include:

• Safeguarding – making sure checks are conducted, ensuring all farm users are safe.
• Reporting to our funders to prove project criteria have been met.
• Promoting the farm in a positive light via our website, social media and press.
• Delivering a product or service to our users – Donkey experiences, Family cooking sessions, Room hire bookings etc.
• Historical reference – Images of the farm, users and events are kept for historical reference. Where personally identifiable data is used the farm will ensure prior consent is given.
• Financial support – If you are a financial supporter of the farm on an ongoing basis we may hold your records on file to continue your desired billing cycle.

Who we share data with:


As mentioned above, the majority of data we share as an organisation is in the form of reporting to our funders. Many funders require statistical and impact reporting on projects they have funded on the farm. Our reporting may include personal details like age, gender and ethnicity, but we will never share personally identifiable information.

We use PayPal to process financial transactions on our website and in our Farm Shop. We cannot see, nor do we hold any card information on our servers and all financial transactions via card payment are forwarded to PayPal by our processing systems. You can view more on PayPal’s privacy policy here.

Our farm newsletters and promotional emails are sent by the lovely folk at Mailchimp. We share your name and email address with Mailchimp, which enables us to send you farm related emails. We will only share your information with Mailchimp if you have explicitly signed up to receive our farm newsletter. We don’t harvest your email address from orders placed on our website, or unrelated forms. More information on Mailchimp and their privacy policy can be found here.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks
If you volunteer with us we may require you to undergo a DBS check. With your permission, we will share all personal details required to undertake these checks. More information on DBS checks and the details they require to be disclosed can be can be found here.

We offer qualifications and awards to volunteers, students and children attending farm activities. To enable AQA to process and verify qualifications we will pass on certain personal information. More information on AQA and the details they require to be disclosed can be can be found here.

Jack Petchey Foundation
We offer Jack Petchey Foundation qualifications and awards to children attending farm clubs. To enable the Jack Petchey Foundation to process and issue awards we will pass on certain personal information. More information on AQA and the details they require to be disclosed can be can be found here.

Legitimate Interest:
Processing your information under legitimate interest.
We do not unduly prioritise our legitimate business interests as an organisation over your interests as an individual.
When it is necessary we will contact you for administrative purposes, e.g. to contact you regarding a payment. We will also hold the minimum personal information required to support our ability to respect your preferences for communication with us.
To help you to understand when and why Surrey Docks Farm would use Legitimate Interest to process your personal information we’ve provided the following examples:

• To send postal communications (as explained above)
• To enhance, modify, personalise and improve our services and communications for the benefit of our supporters.
• To improve the security of our websites and systems.
• To process your donations.
• To fulfil online transactions; process and deliver your order(s). To take payment and arrange delivery, we need to collect personal information, including your payment details, your full name, delivery address and contact details.
• To analyse your personal information to ensure that our communications are relevant to you.

The above list of examples is on the basis that the processing will not be done if it harms your rights and interests as an individual, or if you tell us that you’d like us to stop. You can do this at any time by calling 020 7231 1010 or emailing

How long do we hold your data?
Unless you tell us not to, we think you are content for us to process (keep and use) your personal information for the following lengths of time. As of May 2018, we promise not to keep your personal information for longer than we specify below.

Signups to our email lists:
We hope you like hearing from us and as you signed up to receive emails from us we will keep sending you farm news until you ask us to stop doing so. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link in the email or asking us to remove you from our list by sending a request to

Your online order details:
When you place an online order with us we will hold your order details for 24 months from the first day of the month your order was placed on.

Farm Volunteers:
We keep volunteer enquiries and references for the lifetime of your volunteering commitment + 1 year.

What are cookies?
Like most websites, Surrey Docks Farm uses cookies to collect information. Cookies are small data files which are placed on your computer or other devices (such as smart ‘phones or ‘tablets’) as you browse this website. They are used to ‘remember’ when your computer or device accesses our website. Cookies are essential for the effective operation of our website and to help you purchase items from us online.
Information collected
Some cookies collect information about browsing and purchasing behaviour when you access this website via the same computer or device. This includes information about pages viewed, products purchased and your journey around a website. We do not use cookies to collect or record information on your name, address or other contact details. Surrey Docks Farm can use cookies to monitor your browsing and purchasing behaviour.
How are cookies managed?
The cookies stored on your computer or other devices when you access our websites are designed by:
– Surrey Docks Farm, or on behalf of Surrey Docks Farm, and are necessary to enable you to make purchases on our website.
What are cookies used for?

The main purposes for which cookies are used are: –
1. For technical purposes essential to effective operation of our website, particularly in relation to on-line transactions and site navigation.
2. To enable Surrey Docks Farm to collect information about your browsing and shopping patterns, including to monitor the success of campaigns, promotions etc.
3. To enable Surrey Docks Farm its contractual obligations to make payments to third parties when a product is purchased by someone who has visited our website from a site operated by those parties.

Google Analytics and Cookies.
When someone visits our website we use a third-party service, Google Analytics, to collect standard internet log information and details of visitor behaviour patterns. We do this to find out things such as the number of visitors to the various parts of the site. This information is only processed in a way which does not identify anyone. We do not make and do not allow Google to make any attempt to find out the identities of those visiting our website.

How do I disable cookies?
We use a number of different cookies on our site. If you do not know what cookies are, or how to control or delete them, then we recommend you visit for detailed guidance.

What happens if I disable cookies?
This depends on which cookies you disable, but in general, the website may not operate properly if cookies are switched off.  If you only disable third-party cookies, you will not be prevented from making purchases on our sites.  If you disable all cookies, you will be unable to complete a purchase on our sites.

How to contact us:
If you would like to know more about the data we hold on you please contact us by:

Telephone – 0207 231 1010
Email –
Our Address – Surrey Docks Farm, Rotherhithe Street, London, SE16 5ET

This information was last updated in May 2018. From time to time, we will make changes to the information on this page. The amended information will apply from the date it is posted on the site and will govern the way in which we collect and use personal information from then on.

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