Feed The Lambs 2019

Our 2019 lambs are now weaned – no longer drinking milk – so our lamb feeding sessions have ended. We will look to take on more orphaned or triplet lambs from larger farms in February 2020 and will then resume lamb feeding again. 

When we have young lambs they are bottle-fed every day at 12:45pm and 4:45pm. We invite our visitors to take part in this wonderful experience and welcome all ages – as feeding the lambs is an event for all ages, not just the kids! We ask those interested to please book a slot from the dates below.

With all animal related activities hand washing with warm water and soap is essential for all participants. As this is a high contact activity, we do not recommend those with weakened immune systems take part.

Lamb feeding is really popular and slots sell out quickly. We’re not able to reserve slots in advance or keep a waiting list, please just check back here in a few days. Don’t worry if you’ve missed out, we release dates regularly and the lambs need feeding for a couple of months.

Please note we deliberately only release dates up to one week in advance in case the lambs need a break. 




We feed the lambs every day at 12:45pm and 4:45pm. Unfortunately, we can not accommodate latecomers.

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