Training projects for adults with learning disabilities

We deliver a range of training projects for adult students with learning disabilities on the Farm. Students have a wide range of project choice in the areas of horticulture, animal husbandry, food preparation, retail and farm maintenance. 

Plot to Shop

Students work as a team to grow a range of fruit and vegetables that they harvest and sell through our farm shop.

Farm Produce

Students develop a range of cooking skills – from processing and producing jams, to baking bread or making pasta – with ingredients harvested from the Farm wherever possible. Students also learn rural crafts such as felt making with wool from our own sheep.

New Leaf

Students tend their own vegetable plots – choosing what they want to grow, planting seeds, caring for the young plants and harvesting vegetables to take home.This project has been running at the Farm for 25 years! 

Cow Pat

Students are responsible for the daily animal care routines, working with a wide range of our livestock from rabbits to sheep to donkeys. One of the popular activities is taking our donkeys out for a walk along the Thames path.

The Moo Crew

Students take an active role caring for our animals through feeding, grooming, mucking out and exercising them. The group also help with farm maintenance and general DIY tasks.

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