Rotherhithe Community Gardening Network

Rotherhithe Community Gardening Network is a brand new emerging network that was officially launched on the 22nd September 2021 at an event hosted by Surrey Docks Farm.

Over twenty local people from fourteen community groups including community gardens, local charities, TRAs and green campaign groups came together to share their ideas, skills and knowledge.

Surrey Docks Farm is here to facilitate this exciting new network that aims to encourage and support local gardening groups and green organisations to come together to share skills and resources, gain training, grow a network of local green volunteers and more.

The Rotherhithe Community Gardening Network aims to bring together growing and gardening skills and knowledge, so that we can learn and support each other. We believe that together we can improve our local environment, build community, and benefit people‚Äôs health and wellbeing. 

If you are part of a gardening group based around the Rotherhithe area of Southwark, including the nearest parts of Bermondsey and where the borough of Southwark meets Lewisham in Deptford please do get in touch with us about joining the network. You can send a message via our contact us page here.

This project is currently funded by City Bridge Trust as part of Putting Down Roots in Rotherhithe. 


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