School Workshops, Guided Tours & Self Led Visits

We run a number of different educational workshops which can be tailored to support the National Curriculum and specific teacher requirements.

The cost for workshops is £170 per class per activity (maximum of 30, £5.00 per child thereafter) and includes use of our indoor classroom for your lunchtime and 10 bags of animal feed. After lunch you can independently explore the Farm and pupils can feed the animals. Self-guided activities, including a scavenger hunt and photo and sensory trail cards, are available on request.

Below is a list of our current workshops:


School Farm Tour

Farm Tour 

Discover more about the animals that live on the farm including cows, pigs, goats, sheep and poultry. This is an excellent opportunity for children to learn more about where their food comes from. We will discuss the origins of different food including meat, eggs, bread and vegetables. Includes an animal feeding session.

Apple Tasting and Pressing Workshop

Apple Tasting and Pressing

Learn about the varieties of apple on the Farm, carry out an apple taste and use specialist equipment to mash and press them for the juice. Children are involved in the process from start to finish and it will be the best glass of apple juice they have ever had! This session is best in the autumn, when you can use the Farm’s own apples.

Animals & Their Babies Tour

Animals and their babies 

 Pupils meet our young animals, learn new vocabulary and carry out a stamp collecting activity in our classroom. This workshop is best suited to the Spring and Summer terms as our goats kids and lambs are born around April time.

Vegetable Trail 

Pupils discuss the plants grown on farms and their uses in food. We discuss plant care and growth and pupils sow seeds in a pot to take away with them to care for.

Butter Making 

Children learn about dairy products and their importance as part of a balanced diet. Pupils get to meet the farm animals that produce milk and get to make their own butter.

Composting and Recycling 

Pupils learn about what goes into a compost heap, the minibeasts that live there and sieve their own compost. Includes a seed sowing activity.

Bee Trail 

Children explore the life of a bee, pollination and bee products. Includes honey tasting and candle making.

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We welcome your visit to the Farm before you book an activity or to prepare your risk assessment.

If you would like to book an activity or would like further information please contact Tracey Neil, our Education Manager by email or telephone 020 7231 1010.

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