Our flock of sheep include three different breeds, Oxford Down, Zwartbles and commerical mules.

The Oxford Down is is a rare breed of sheep, originally from Oxfordshire. They are the largest and fastest-growing sheep of all British breeds, ideal for meat and wool. They have dark faces and light wool. When they are shorn, it is customary for this breed to have a ‘top-knot’ of wool left on their head.

Zwartbles sheep have a darker wool and a white stripe straight down their face. The breed originates in Holland and has been established across the UK since the 1990’s. Zwarbles sheep are known for being typically calmer and are usually very good mothers.

We also have a few commercial mule sheep, this is not a pure breed but a cross between two breeds to ideally pass on the strongest traits. These sheep have a light wool and are different from the Oxford Downs as they don’t have wool on their heads or legs, this makes it easier when shearing!

We borrow a ram to breed with our sheep in the Autumn and the lambs are born five months later in early April. We also keep in touch with larger farms and if they have orphan lambs, or a smaller triplet that isn’t feeding too well, we’ll take on some of these lambs and bottle feed them here. We don’t take our own lambs off their mum’s unless there are complications feeding, as this is the most natural and best option for the lambs.

Our sheep are dual-purpose breeds, producing good meat and wool. All the sheep are shorn at our Spring Fair in May, so that visitors can come and watch. 

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