The Forge

In any village, the Forge was the heart of commercial and community life. At Surrey Docks Farm we have a working forge run by Master Blacksmith, Kevin Boys. Work produced by the Forge greets you from the moment you enter the Farm and marks out the different areas of activities and functions both ornamentally and functionally.

Blacksmiths use their metal working skills, e.g. forming, shaping and joining with welding and metal fabrication to make objects big and small for the home, garden, workplace, opening spaces, and the street. The forge is a place to learn and participate in what were once very common and familiar activities, which now, in this modern age of supermarkets, global manufacturing, and the internet are no longer accessible to the general public.

For more than 15 years the Forge has provided education services. Kevin Boys has extensive experience of:

  • Working with pupils of nursery, primary, secondary, and special needs schools as well as lecturing to graduate and post graduate students
  • Staging demonstrational and participatory events for the general public at community festivals, e.g. Lambeth Town & Country Show, Southwark’s One World Village, Bermondsey Carnival, farm open days, forge Ins etc.
  • Running short courses for the general public and disadvantaged groups
  • Running a volunteer training service, a total of 15 trainees have completed the course and Kevin is training 3 volunteers.


The forge is a unique classroom and teacher resource on site and off; for Key Stages 1234 in Science, History and Arts as well an opportunity for the general public to participate and learn about the ancient art of the Blacksmith within an urban City environment.


Blacksmith – Kevin Boys – or 07984416269
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