Community Green Workshops

Surrey Docks Farm is launching a new programme of green workshops for adults running throughout 2020. Topics will include container growing, foraging, herbal remedies, growing fruit and vegetables at home, beekeeping and more.

Gardening workshops with Rebecca Clarke

Rebecca Clarke is an experienced community gardener who specialises in organic food growing in urban areas. She trained in Organic Horticulture at Organiclea’s Hawkwood Plant Nursery, graduating with a distinction in City & Guilds Level 2 in 2013 and has worked for a range of community based charities. In April 2017 she qualified as a Horticultural Therapist with a specialism in adults with mental ill health in partnership with Thrive and Coventry University. She is now working at Surrey Docks Farm as a Green Mentor connecting adults with plants at nature at the Farm, and across Southwark.  

Introduction to organic gardening techniques in the vegetable garden

Come and join us to learn about key organic gardening techniques to keep your vegetable garden healthy and happy!

This workshop will cover:

  • What is crop rotation and why is it so important?
  • How to look after your soil 
  • How to use companion planting to deter pests and attract beneficial insects 

Take home some beneficial seedlings to plant out at home, all propagated from seed and nurtured at the Farm.

Date: Sunday 15th March from 2pm – 4:30pm

Price: £25 per person

Book: Click here to book!

Vertical Vegetables

Want to know how to make the most of your growing space? Join us to discover the most productive vegetables to grow vertically in small urban spaces.

This workshop will cover:

  • Choosing productive edible crops to grow vertically
  • How to prepare containers
  • How many hours of sunshine are needed for particular crops
  • Making potting compost on the Farm

Take home some seedlings to plant out at home, all propagated from seed and nurtured at the Farm.

Date: Sunday 19th April from 2pm – 4:30pm

Price: £25 per person

Book: Click here to book!

Introduction to Urban Food Growing: Culinary Herbs and Salads in Containers

Join us for an introduction to growing herbs and salads in small spaces. Learn about different types of herbs and salads, how to grow them and how to look after them. Take home at least two herb plants and a packet of salad seeds to sow.

Date: Sunday 31st May from 2pm – 4:30pm

Price: £25 per person

Book: Click here to book!

Natural Dyes with Marietta Richardson

Marietta Richardson is an indie dyer, spinner and knitter and member of the London and Mid-Herts Guilds of Weavers Spinners and Dyers. She cultivates her own natural dye plants and uses them to dye yarn which is sold at local craft markets along with hand spun and knitted hats collars and mitts. You can find her at Northwood Craft Market in the Autumn months.

Introduction to Natural Dyeing

There are four workshops which will run throughout June 2020. Each workshop will cover a particular aspect of natural dyeing and does build on knowledge but can be taken as a stand alone workshop. You will be provided with all materials for the workshop but need to bring a pair of dishwashing gloves, apron and waterproof container or bag to take samples home.

Dates: Sundays 2pm – 4:30pm on 7th June, 14th June, 21st June, 28th June

Price: £35 per workshop (or £120 for all four sessions)

Booking: Click here for full details of each workshop and to book!

Beekeeping with Danyal Conn

Danyal Conn started keeping bees in 2010. An initial fascination with bees soon became and obsession which then went on to include social insects, pollinating insects and eventually all insects. Over the years he has taught parts of the introductory beekeeping course and practical beekeeping training and mentoring for his local beekeepers associations. In 2016 he started working in a bee research lab at Queen Mary University of London and since 2019 he has been involved in maintaining the hives at Surrey Docks Farm.

Beekeeping Taster Sessions

Want to learn more about honey bees and take a look inside a beehive? Join one of our beekeeping taster sessions this summer!

Dates: Saturdays 4pm – 6:30pm on 20th June, 27th June, 11th July and 18th July

Price: £38 per person

Booking: Click here for full details and to book!

Plant Journeys with medical herbalist Kathie Bishop 

Kathie is a medical herbalist and founder of Into the Wylde. She graduated from The University of Westminster, London in 2009 with a first class BSc (Hons) degree in Western Herbal Medicine, and is a member of the British Herbal Medicine Association (BHMA) and of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH), the oldest professional body for medical herbalists in the UK. 

As well as the medicinal side of herbs, Kathie also has a deep fascination with, and wonder for, the emotional, spiritual, historical and folkloric side of these wonderful plant allies. Getting to know the character of a herb in this way deepens our understanding of how it can be used and we start to create a mutually beneficial relationship with it. 

Plant Journeys

In this series of monthly workshops I aim to bring to you one plant a month to journey with and get to know on a deeper level. As a group we will: 

  • Experience the plant on an emotional, mental and magical level through meditating with the plant 
  • Experience the plant on a physical level, with our senses and through imbibing it as a water infusion 
  • We will then take a break and reveal what plant we have been working with 
  • Then delve into the literature to find out about the properties of the plant, its uses and its habitat as determined by science and clinical use, plus the folklore and beliefs surrounding it 

Takeaways will be: 

  • A deeper connection and relationship to this plant ally 
  • Understanding better how to use this herb in your daily life 
  • And a better understanding of any insights this plant may have for your life 
  • How to nurture or forage for this plant 

Each month’s herb will only be revealed in the middle of the session, so that we get a true chance to work with our intuitions, and each month the herb will be different. 

Please bring a notebook for any notes, plus any art materials you may feel inspired to use in the session. 

Dates: Sunday 11am-2pm on 23rd February and 29th March

Price: £40 per workshop

Booking: All workshops are limited to 10 and tickets are on a first come first serve basis, click here to visit her Eventbrite page.

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