Youth Committee

At Surrey Docks Farm we believe young people are important assets to our organisation. We work closely with young people to make their experiences here worthwhile, enabling them to become active and happy members of their local community. We support young people to make decisions that shape their lives, experience new opportunities and share and reflect on their experiences at the Farm.

Our Youth Committee is made up of local young people from our informal educational programmes. The members of the Committee are elected by their peers after writing a manifesto. Meeting four times a year, the committee shares the feedback of those in our youth clubs and youth volunteer team about the services the Farm provides, both positive and negative. Individual members have a responsibility to lead their groups, be good role models and champion the needs of young people. 

Having the voice of young people at the heart of the Farm’s decision making has an overall positive impact on the way our organisation works. The Youth Committee meet with the Farm’s Management Committee to steer our informal learning offer.

The last Youth Committee meeting was held on January 18th 2020.

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